26 August 2012

Nature and cycles... Another understanding..

I was thinking just how unuseful the concept of time is except for measuring or controlling the speed at which everything WAS moving. Or something that has already taken place. Then again I also arrived at the outlook that speed is also an unuseful concept to be mindful of when there are cycles within cycles of activities that I participate in. Each cycle is moving in its own pace and space and I am moving along within them naturally. Pace= rhythm. Space= Enormity. Movement= My own placement and involvement within a cycle's pace and space.

By a "Cycle" I refer to any aspect of our outer or inner world or of karmic tasks for which we have a circle like pathway for each. Then each of these tasks have a process in place and therefore have a beginning and an end; A finishing point of a circle like pathway, if we were to give it a shape. It tends to go full circle once completed like joining two ends of the same string as a sign of sealing the loose ends. Time is an irrelevant concept because it is not entirely upto us to move faster to finish a cycle of action (karmic tasks from start to finish), as when it is karma it is our own action and for every action there is a reaction and thus we really have nearly no control over the nature of the interactions or ripple of tasks that can potentially be generated . And the speed at which these interactions between actions and reactions that will bring the cycle to a full bound circle can only be determined by nature. The nature of the karmic (action) or active cycle.

Nature is certainly not something that is influenced or governed by speed but once it has taken it's own course; started, developed and matured into a complete cycle, we can merely look back and gage how much time it took and how fast or slow the process was. Time is only a measurement tool for the PAST, if we really needed to count or measure an activity and if it were even relevant to our subject of observation. Time is not the driver, Nature is.

My movement with nature's given pace and space in my personal karmic (action) task list can take from around a minute to many years (or lives), a thought or many thoughts to an action, a feeling to a cleansing of an emotion to complete a cycle. But it takes work like action from whichever aspect (be it mentally, physically, emotionally). So I think to adopt a standpoint of not trying to manipulate nature by applying measurement scales like time and speed really allows for REAL completion of cycles if I were to let nature just take its course.

Just in conversation the nature of a rain cloud in the sky came up this weekend. So, I find that it is a good example in our outer world as a reference to this outlook. If we were to look at the process of precipitation or rain, we would have to allow for the process of water vaporization to take place, the water vapour to condense into a cloud and then for the rain to fall only once the condensation process was complete / the cloud was perfectly formed and was ready - there is no certain time or accurate timing measurement for this process to complete its course, as it is caused by a chain of interactions and is a result of natural processes. But what we are certain of is that it will rain at a point, hence bringing the cylce full circle from water evaporating to raining. Tying the beginning and end of the same string called rain and the experience of a clear blue sky.

Q. How is a God/dess placed in this?
A. Naturally. As we dwell in a natural vessell such as the human body we allow for nature to take its course and participate with a sense of freedom to be naturally taking part in evolution. There is no need to be limiting this experience by measuring with time and speed. Be fully present, let nature take its course, stay involved to evolve and don't look back. Surrender to your course.

Love and light