02 December 2010

Just who is a God/dess?

Every single living thing! Any thing that pretty much has a vibration of existence on planet earth is a god/dess. Thus simple existence poses it is / he or she is a God/dess. But the question specifically posed to Humans - We are all God/desses! My piece "A noun for our embodiment" ( http://thenewagegoddess.blogspot.com/2010/09/noun-or-our-embodiment.html ) is based on when I established that God / Goddess is just a stakeholder name for the energy field we project into our realities with a focus on how we can access the bottomless pool of our highest energy that impact the world / universe we live in.
Moving forward, the purpose of asking this question on Who is a god/dess is really to bring focus to accountability and responsibility of being aligned to the god/dess within. Its really about how we can get past being who we are as physical identities on the surface level of what we call life and act with the powerforce we have within; that is the God/dess.

It is understandable that there are some identities that (we adopt) and spend a lifetime fulfilling it's purpose / the responsibilities that are somehow prescribed systematically through time like being a parent or someone's brother / sister, but there is still another role we must play and that is to be our authentic self for the simple reason of our existence and the potential of the impact our authentic vibration has in the universal space we all share.

The commonality we all have beyond all our stories is that we are all the same thing that is a God/dess within. We are all living for love and we all want our universe to thrive on only love. There is awakening and there is also the dormant, we need both for the flow to continue but it is why we have the sun and the moon as time keepers to help manage our projections of our energies. When one side of the planet sleeps the other is awake and beating the pulse of love, sending it out to those that will awaken when the day arrived for them. What I am trying to say is that there is sense in becoming aware and taking accountability in keeping our side of the world (wherever we live) clean and filled with love with our authentic energy. Always be aligned to our higher self so the equilibrium of LOVE stays invicible. In other words, the alliance of our Yin and Yang continues to create the frequency of balance and harmony.

There is value in being authentic on a personal level, as we all have the hunger for freedom from the thoughts, feelings, situations, our unconscious self creates like the ones we see on the news about wars, famines, animal /human trafficking, financial burdens, diplomatic wars, communism etc.. you get the idea. There are imbalances in a whole heap of places and it is due to us (on an individual and collective level) being UNaligned to our God/desses. We are too attached to our identities forgetting the real purpose of existence, which is to be authentically human that needs to be of service to the rest of it's kind and not just for what personal identity it has chosen / has been given on the surface level of life. The value in being personally responsible is to be free of the identities history imposes on man and woman, projecting more light to the darkness alongside those that are on this mission already of awakening the world of humans (not just Oprah or Angelina Jolie :-) but ordinary free thinkers and travellers like Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Dalai Lama, Keisha etc).

Fullfill your gender's roles but also remember your other purpose - that is to feel full as a human. It cannot happen without you, because if you are not full neither is anything or anyone around you. Disattach from the layers life experience create, be free and light to embrace the present moment, bring out your torch light from within and light up the road for everyone else to see it.

Accountability is imminent in whatever we do - we can choose to be just an identity or the identity of why there are identities having the control to chose who we want to be rather than who we need to be ; that is the high energy force that we all are as God/dess.

Love & Light
Male-Female Polarities of the Human Body

Rest, Be & Shift

The purpose of a shift is realising the space we consciously create for ourselves. Shifts occur when we become aware of something and when we have a direct realisation of what has been happening has now manifested a growth in us that is making space for something new to take birth from what has been happening.

We are convinced of shifts being often a visible, action influenced, a result of movement, force, push and pull but a real shift can only be realised by letting all the push and pull, movement REST and Be in a space to feel and observe the growth that took place.

What I am saying is that a shift is not what takes place but what can only take place once we have had the realisation of what has taken place.

Stillness; It takes courage to break a pattern, taking the route known to learning something that may not be so familiar, stay silent and listen, stand in one place and do nothing, walk slower, breath consciously and realise that we may not be breathing fully, look in the mirror and really look inside our own eyes, touching consciously to feel our own sensations, finding things in the world that stand still. Not what is moving in the moving physical world where we constantly move with it to find the same things but never really fully experience or realise due to the speed and momentum.

What comes with experience? A touch, a sound, a smell, a taste etc they all register if we allow ourselves to realise how they make us feel. With this realisation we have a ripple effect within us where a realisation creates a new experience, which gives us new sensory information, which then creates the shift.

We are always complaining or at least thinking of why we are finding it hard to feel higher or feel happier or feel greater – but it’s not that we are not seeing, feeling, touching, hearing or tasting new things or travelling new roads to heighten our experiences, it’s of no good if we don’t realise or have a conscious realisation of what it is we have experienced to create the shift, space for our higher feelings, feeling of gratitude, feel and know perhaps the purpose of whatever we do are in fact all about realisations.

Days pass and nights fall, but it is possible to experience a shift each time we realise our experiences consciously, with stillness.

Love & Light

Thread to Strength in Softness

Adding another thread to the Strength within Softness piece-
If we take an ice cube for example - it is solid, cold, its hard, has shape and form and it is measurable. What happens when we drop it from a height or hit it with something stronger? It shatters and breaks into many pieces that may never come back to the same shape of the cube that made it seem so strong, shapely and measurable, i.e. Itself.

So where is the strength in an ice cube? What is it's making that makes it substantial for being what it is? It's water. Water is liquid, it is soft, has no shape or form besides its chemical properties which makes it visible, it can be measured too however it never can be as accurate as the cube it becomes when 'frozen' or when dropped from a height it lands wherever it needs to, still maintaining it's shape, even if scattered and never losing it's essential being.

The thread here to Softness being Strength is - we often mistake what has form, is measurable, looks strong, substantial to be the stronger reason to have faith in it. However, if we were to examine the essence of everything's being, it is evident that it is all the formless or fluid properties that we get formations from and that the strength really lies in the formless and not the temporaries or extinguishables made from it - like the ice cube.

Its time to have faith in the formless; Be the water and flow into wherever the current takes us with ease and pleasure having the understanding of our own essence, which is - everything that has form or a name is perishable / temporary and it is secondary to the formless.

Like they say - Ride the change, don't let it ride you. :-)

Love & Light

The strength in softness

The strength of softness is stronger than strength itself because when something is soft it is liquid, fluid, flexible and it is boundless. There is never any concerns for walls, breaks or obstructions in our way because we are fluid from within and we can just glide through the blockages. Just the simplest way to feel the softness is a smile, when we smile the world naturally smiles back and with that starts softening.

There is strength in smiling on a tough day - so there is strength in softness. We fear softness as if to be soft we are weak but when we are soft, the strength of being fearless, openness is displayed through our ability to adapt and acceptance of whatever the situation is. There is strength is being soft.

If you listen to this track, there is a coarseness in the tabla and there is a softness in the sound of the flute and even though the sounds of these two instruments are defined as one being stronger than the other, the strength in the sweetness of the sound of the flute shows its strength.

There is strength in the sound, look, feel and being soft. Regaining softness from what makes anything a coarse is Strength.

<3 & Light
Hope you enjoyed the track as well.

29 November 2010

Acceptance & Being

Our purpose is to serve, with that in mind we must always work toward
being complete and ready within ourselves to be able to serve when the
opportunity arrives and that is the reward to have been in a position to
serve, give and receive in the currency of the love we would feel for
our ownself to have been full and ready to serve.

A vibration of acceptance of happiness that took over me, from being in a position to offer and receive and to realise how important it is to shed light on the purpose of our being in any moment in life. There is magic in just being prepared, ready and aligned to the light within to experience the light in the surroundings that speak to us but often we are not connected enough to receive those messages. It is a joyous place to be able to be of service / have the ability to give, as it means we are receiving what we have within us- the gratitude and love for being who we are. Then we vibe this and our surroundings become the same. Be ready to serve and receive the rewards that enrich the experience of being a human (Love) Being - Mantra. 

What is it to be able to accept everything and anything? It is about being prepared. If it is all about non-judgement also, it comes down to being prepared and ready and full to be one with any experience.

What is being prepared and being ready within? It is to be one with the LIGHT, the LOVE, the Gratitude for the life force within, being one with the white, clean, present, sacred self, which does not allow us to fall in the past patterns, future plannings, just being one with what has been presented by our own reflections and how we are able to love and enrich the experience to draw more nectar out of what we already know has been the known but to also have the freedom to tap into the unknown. It’s the thread of quality we can’t experience if we are not aligned to our best quality residing within us. 

We hear it so many times that we only see around us what we see within ourselves and that we must receive with grace as we give with grace. However in order to be able to manifest such a way of being we must acknowledge, accept and bathe in the happiness / light / glow within to see that it is always being offered to us, just waiting for us to be ready to see, receive and be in a position to give it a reaction. That itself is giving; REACTION ; the force in our action that allows for the birth of new events, opportunities and experiences. Allowing the flower to blossom – with the flower being ourselves and what we react to. So, the mantra this season is being level headed and aligned with the light within, to be prepared and serve as that itself is reward to ourselves and the world encouraging selfless-ness and the abilities of our fellow Love (human) beings to be brighter and more connected to what is true to being a human on planet earth – to be of great service and be self rewarding, never waiting for validation, confident in our own energy that is our birth right, freedom of being complete with wherever, however and whoever we are. It is Magical and that is what life or the world we experience should be – Magic and Acceptance of the magic within us and Being one with it.

♥ & Alignment power with your Light

07 October 2010

Remove the Layers

Not too long ago, I learned that there are mirrors everywhere and that the reflections are the mirror images of what is only within me. My inner voice, views, images, forms and collection of memories and aspirations are what is reflected to me when I look into my mirrors.

There are times we only see a miniscule portion of what really glows within us; the glow of intelligence, light of healing powers, the abundant self. What is it that really that prevents us from projecting what really glows within us? I realised today, that there are layers of experiences or emotions or pre-recorded discourse that we create layers upon us; our heart where our true boundless self resides. We collect these layers over time, with even careful selective experiences and knowledge or wisdom we sometimes fail to shed the tension that these layers create. Sometimes even breath, water and sun light does not help to go deeper than the top most level of our being-ness in which we can sometimes feel we are being present however not realising how far outward we really are. In other words, sometimes we really feel we are living with the glow of everything we know and we are aware of what is going on whilst travelling a path that is secure and filled with all the answers we already know of. And the course that reminds us of being an infinite player are those few new experiences we allow ourselves to have provided they are still safe or safer than another we have already had.

How do we know we have layers that is covering the intelligence we hold within that does not need assurance or reassurance to allow new life in everyday or with each endeavour? I felt this week, that it is in those repetitive voices that we keep as reminders within us, that are reflected in our mirrors of the world / environment we dwell, travel or pass through. There are messages we project for ourselves anywhere we are, it is in knowing well to be present enough to the number of layers that we need to peel away in order to receive new messages that shine the light into new and amazing pathways, regenerating the pool of super intelligence we have within us.

So layers may be habitual actions, emotions, creating a pattern with which we operate with. For example, even though we may have given ourselves the break of our lives (the dream holiday) how quickly do some people's zen get stolen if there was even a little a thing as their coffee being bad one morning.. Or like I have developed a habit of ordering cafe au lait every morning before I start my day, realising today that I will feel a pinch if I didn't have one tomorrow morning. Its just that layer I've created for myself that does not allow me to live from the light within, but from the outer layer supported by an external substance / stimuli.

The mantra for this month is- Remove all layers to live from the bright super intelligent light residing within. There will be more light shone back just in shining bright, the (hu) Man in the mirror.

04 September 2010

Prequel of the Love-(human)-Being

I spoke of the love-being in my piece this month “A noun for our embodiment” which manifested into my outlook of human-beings. Its just that at the core of our existence we are all made of pure energy that need to remember the benefits of being one with our essence; God / Goddess. If we are all living for love and the frequency of our perfect being is harmony and balance we are Love-beings.

A love-being is awake, aligned to their truth, present in the moment, feeling pure love flow through the moment’s flow of all energetic vibrations and radiating the god/dess energy bringing balance to the universe.

A Love-(human)-Being reinforcement

Tonight I am convinced once more that I love my universe and I care for it even more than I know. As with the saying “what you put in is what you get out” today I had a beautiful, direct experience of my path refining me and me confining to my path, helping me see how much love and care is really invested in it. 

My playground now is a yoga mat, a massage table, the grass in Hyde park, random encounters with soul mates, pages of my journal, my art book, philosophical conversations and dancing to the music of my incantations of what my heart desires. I listen to my heart songs every second, minute and hour of the day, whenever I wish. I love feeling my love-being and I love that I give myself permission to be a love-being.

So what happened to me earlier today?!! Why did I revert to my “drop of the ocean” / “limited” / “ego” / “human” mentality? Why did I doubt myself? Why did I feel vulnerable when he shared his thoughts of uncertainty about meeting me? Why did I attach an emotion to his personal thoughts? Why did I see his action to be a reflection of me? We have been connected for 10 years now. Though our relationship is not conventional we have a strong connection. Our feelings appear to be the same however the storyline above our feelings appear to be interpreted differently.

The truth of the matter is – The interpretations of the story differentiate due to our life paths / playgrounds being different. He leads with his empiricist view and I with my idealist’s. He is bringing his experiences to think of himself being at risk and I am thinking of re-familiarising to have the right outlook. It has been 2 and a-half years since we last met. We have a strong connection, strong enough to have developed the ability to feel each other’s pain even in the absence of one another.

The repeating thought on my mind today was –Why is he uncertain? What can I write back to his email that will make him feel certain? What else could his email mean? How can I heal him? What will it take for him to just not bring the past into our present? I got a sudden headache, ate and moped around and gradually slid down a prison like black hole of variations of the same answers... oh! Physically I was feeling my neck stiffen, head temples building tension and heart sinking out and down toward my stomach... so yucky!

Then soon enough, the stress got so unbearable that I found myself on the yoga mat. My favourite playground. I have now regained consciousness. I know now that the answer I am looking for is looking for me. In other words I don’t need to do anything he will find his answers and let me know because these questions are not mine to answer. Yoga saved me once again. In being present my energy returned back into my body, and I was able to smile again.

I started writing and drifted into reading some emails and messages waiting to find me as if till now, right at this moment when clarity had just hit me. I noticed the content of conversation that came my way, the food that I was eating then, the books that I was about to put away and most happy-fying moment was when I found another goddess was found by the Goddess awareness movement “I am a Goddess” on facebook. I felt my universe signalling loud and clear to me- all that my energy is made up of today. What makes me whole and what I was giving my energy to was causing me dis-ease. There is no need to question my love-being at all or seek any answers outside of me and my path.

Love-beings – are love, they don’t need to seek love from anything external, because that is conditional love; unlike true, pure unconditional love that a love-being creates their universe with.

03 September 2010

A noun for our Embodiment

God & Goddess are both nouns for the energy force within us. It is a bottomless reserve of powerful energy that we are born with in all of us that we can access anytime we want to. It is our programmed minds that acts as the lock without a key preventing us from accessing our true energy. However all locks can be opened, it just takes the will and hunger for wisdom behind the locked door - the key however is Awareness. Once we are aware, we can find a way in our own way to access what is beneath / within / locked within us: Gods and Goddesses.

This week my awareness has been placed on: My internal strength being represented by the sounds I make externally + Being a graceful receiver; the key to giving in everyday life.  

We all like to spectate, critique, judge and make quick decisions on how we should think, act and be toward everyone and anything happening around us. Have you once thought where those standards, decisions and thoughts come from? Is that what YOU really think? Is that what you really care about to be spending time to critique, judge, observe and make decisions that reflect only your lack of knowledge of something, being afterall just a spectator of whatever is going on?

But wait there is more to this perspective- all that you are seeing as a spectator may not be your story that you are observing but what you are seeing, have you noticed is only what you are interested in? Its like noticing only what appealed to you at that time or entertained you for that moment. Why is it that you are selective of what you are seeing? Why do you personalize it so you can have a say? And if you are saying something - do you get that you are only talking about what is relevant to yourself? Hence what you are a spectator of, critiquing, judging and making hasty decisions on is yourself in the end.

Now tying in with this week's realisations - I think the tone of our voice shows our emotional standpoint toward something/one or even ourselves of how we really do feel about it all inside us. Hearing it with our own ears, observing the comfort or discomforts in what we say and how we say things are always great indications of how we are feeling. So if the reciever is receiving a sentence like "I love you" from us, they would feel the vibe of emotions in those words as well as what the words meant and want to say it back. However it is incredibly important to ensure we stood still and received their words and feelings they gifted to us, just as well as we heard ourselves say it to them.

Currently the attention we pay to a story outside of us to find an answer for ourselves is just adding more layers to the locked door that we need to open to find our gods / goddesses. However now that Goddesses of this group think only of what is within us and not things that we are in judgement of outside ourselves, we will be working our way into turning the key a notch closer to accessing our God/ddess within.

Big Love & Awareness Light to all Goddesses

17 August 2010

The Goddess's Natural Place II

I am a woman and I know my makeup. I knew my composition from the day I gained consciousness in this world. I am life and I manifest life. However as time passes it seems that my essence is being used only when it is convenient! It appears that somehow my existence is there to always SUPPORT the human way of existence. It seems there are big decisions being made and I am only here reinforcing those decisions, automatically placed in the equation of implementation as a utility rather than what I truly am; a major component of the equation of the decision; what is really going on, everywhere today. This is why there is so much aggression, competition, racing, haste, animosity and lack of regard for what really matters; lack of balance in everything.

We would not know what darkness is without having experienced light. Men would not know manhood without experienced a woman’s touch. New human life could not be conceived without the woman accepting her womanhood. Without compassion there would be no cure for hate. So on and on...

Why is it that I am always placed somewhere in the background? And in most circumstances expected to exceed the expectations, shine, excel, impress, leap over the line to be considered for a stance in the forefront with the rest of the deciders? The forefront exists only because I help it to exist. I am the other half / makeup of the entire population of male and female.

If I were to pull out of the universe altogether perhaps then the world would see how different everything would be. My energy’s make up is compassion, support, apathy, cultivation, nourishment, care, gentleness, intuition, emotion, patience and love of all things. Although this energy is still visible, it is only visible circumstantially. Most of the time my energy is used only as part of the consequence of an act / decision. My energy is being used to heal the wounded, put together the broken, bring back the separated and the energy is sometimes even kept out of the picture so that things would remain irreparable or irreplaceable or destructed.

If my energy was factored into the equation of any decisions made (be it on a local, national or global level) there would be balanced results rather than extremes such as those that need me to only be there as the carer or the net to catch the fallen. I am so drained right now that I don’t have enough energy left to shine as bright as I am capable of.

So now, I want to take matters into my own hands and awaken every woman to take ownership of the female energy within, so we can all rise to be in the forefront, be the other half of the equation and be the co-decision maker / the Yin in the Yang / the Shakti alongside the Shiva of anything that impacts my life today onwards.

The female energy is so powerful that if it were not there the world would be barren’ed of its right to give birth to Love. So it is too important that we acted now, realising the worth of our extremely powerful being and bring consciousness back to the balance lost.

16 August 2010

The Goddess's Natural Place

Today's woman is strong, sexy, open, calm, directed, strutting, confident, progressive, independent, ambitious, courageous and grounded. These are all attributes that she demonstrates as a version of her level of belief in the power vibing within her. The other day there was a survey done on male vs female bosses and majority of those surveyed voted they liked working for a male boss than a female because women are moodier than men. Another topic lurking the society of late is whether Julia Gillard is a suitable candidate running for PM and the question is raised especially because she is female. One last one that I noticed before exploring this thought was a topic discussed on the radio, paper and online on the chances of a relationship surviving the damages suffered by women once the man cheats on her - women being assumed to be the victim of an affair.

So the trend I noticed in all 3 areas of today's woman's life, be it in the corporate, political or domestic realm seems she is misrepresented. The trend in misrepresentation seemed to lie with today's worldview being the woman is "special" but she doesn't yet deserve the instant position that she already owns.

Why is this the case? I think its because after the industrial age, women have evolved to become more multi-faceted beings than just the homemakers we knew our grandmothers or mothers to be and this is freaking the world out. Even some women that aren't yet aware of their own energy give power to the sector of the world that is freaking out. So there is a big percentage of females that are out and about doing their best to shine their light but due to the lack of ownership and support by a vast majority of females we are losing stead.

From a bigger picture perspective its time to own our power, be okay with being superior (for the love of all things) by acting in line with the divinity / higher self which does not judge the self - Lets cultivate this practice among ourselves so the rest follow and help in any which way to pave our path further right now!

No this does not mean we will be harsh and start making noise. No, it is time to shine out love and beauty that we are made of everywhere we are especially to women that have lost their ability to connect to their goddess and strengthen this movement. We are female - we are the light of the world - we are Goddesses.

The Goddess is strong, sexy, open, calm, directed, strutting, confident, progressive, independent, ambitious, courageous and grounded - lets now be this way everyday and cultivate love for this Goddess to gain her natural place on earth.

12 August 2010


There is a mirror everywhere we are and we have many reflections. On a surface level life experiences embed various reflections into our minds while growing older. For example we wake up and see the reflection of our face and body, then we get dressed and our style is a reflection of a social, cultural or commercial group we engage and identify with. The group we associate ourselves with is also a reflection of our situated self. Then we walk out of the house and bump into someone we know – what voice or tone do we put on? What exactly do we speak about? What part of our personality do we reflect back to that person? Are we selective about our conversation or behaviours? We do the same when we get to work or any other place – reflecting to the other person what we perceive they want us to be or say.

So all these personal reflections that work for us automatically (on auto-play) get us by everyday - do we ever question ourselves – why do my perceptions change from person to person, place to place and situation to situation? If I were to be in a room with 2 different people who would I be, if I were talking to both of them? Now I know most of us aren’t so majorly deca-polar (my new word) in nature, however what I’m trying to say is that we spend most of our lives on auto-play pleasing others for just one thing and that is some version of Love in return. We love pleasing other people however in doing so our whole identity can become a big programmed directory of "please others" files and even when we do something for ourselves to please ourselves we end up doing something aligned to what the others would approve of.

This programme of identities and emotions is called the Ego – it attaches itself to all our experiences. Remember, experiences are all external to ourselves. Then those experiences start to produce emotions inside of us, making it an internal matter. Eg: As soon as we buy something nice to wear – what do we think of when we wear it out? Most of us naturally start comparing outfits with another’s and so on because our "please others" ego probably influenced our choice of dress to start with, so we had to make sure that others liked our outfits too. But what I'm saying is had we chosen something we ourselves were truly happy with then we wouldn’t really care what another person was wearing or said about our outfit and just feel great about ourselves for doing something to please ourselves. In summary any act driven by Ego is like blowing into the balloon of our ego which grows bigger and bigger until one day if we allow it - it bursts to reveal itself as a meltdown / pain / heartache.

If I am making sense still, reflections are everywhere. The person in front of you is reflecting back to you exactly what you are projecting to them about yourself. So for example if I am smiling at you, you would smile back exactly the same way with the same vibe and all. You are more than welcome to try this on your own. Moving on, given that everything outside of us is a reflection of ourselves and is therefore an accurate indication of how we are going internally, this HOWEVER does not mean that we are to imitate others to return their reflection of them. The point is to be REAL, be one with our own chi / energy that is always honest, strong of our own truth, speaks to us only with love and glow and is always compassionate enough to enable us to see OURSELVES in that person or the reflection in front of us.

If we believe ourselves we believe in others. If we love ourselves we love others. If we are able to see the reflection of love and light in ourselves we will see it being reflected to us in everything that we consciously see.

As a woman I know that most of us are reflecting what we "think" we should be reflecting instead of just reflecting what we truly "FEEL" within ourselves. The goddess is found within not out.

08 August 2010

Reflect the NOW

I am happy right now. I am quite clear about what makes me happy, then suddenly I am faced with a woman that still lives in the past, telling me what happiness means to her is what happiness should mean for everyone else. She pays high regard to only those that achieved what she didn't and to her that world is what is the best for me and everyone else that is from my time NOW. Her expectation of happiness for me is what she didn't acquire and what the others in her world of ideals have. In her world of ideals, a woman's defining moment has been known to be the day she walked down the aisle and took the vows of till death do us apart with the man that was to take care of her for her lifetime on earth. Then the most immediate definition of her life after marriage is when she brought new life into the world. She is the vessel of life and her man is the bearer of that seed of life. This woman's world of ideals came with a history of neccessities and conditions on the way of being and as a result there are several tangiable definitions to happiness at the conclusion of all necessities. What happened to those that weren't able to give birth!?

Well I'm not from the same era and my ideal world is the one that I am living in now, not the past. My definition of happiness is the state of my mind and body, my days, hours and minutes. I have several defining moments on any single day. They can vary from just a smile I am able to to put on a worried friend's dial by listening well, doing something I love every day, spending time alone experiencing peace in my heart and mind or the energetic expansion I feel after an exhausting yoga class. Happiness is in every moment and in the things that allow me to feel the life within me.

I feel women play a key role in reflecting an era. Women are good at being an adequate reflection of their era because they are the "DO RIGHT" type of beings, if not try their best to get the furthest to being the perfect reflection of the mould made by (hu)man. This era- can we reflect the power we really have for the things that really matter right NOW? Can we move forward from the past filled with concepts that have less importance in this era like marriage / status / societal criticisms and scrutiny?? We have the privilege of freedom now to move out of our bubble of past impositions.

I want to define myself by shifting the energy of the woman needing to see her true reflection today and to know that I AM her true reflection it would be a shame to let another person from the past / pride/ judgement / geographic distance / prejudice / conditionings / whatever else there is from the past to come in between us.

So the woman living by the ideals of her past sees a reflection of herself in me that she cannot accept, because it means she would need to live by the ideals of NOW / the present day, like I am....  Reflect out the light of NOW because thats the only way we will move forward from what keeps happening, which in most cases are repretitions of the past disallowing our progress right NOW.

04 August 2010


I was asked the question – What do we do in this group?

Nelson Mandela says: “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”

There is no doubt that you are here enquiring the cause because you BELIEVE. You believe in your femininity, your essence, your core energy source – this is the LIGHT that you project whether you know it or not. All you need to do is REMEMBER – that is all you need to do.

When we remember something, it is in our conscience before we think, feel and act. Our perception changes for what is truly working for us. We don’t need to do anything but remember the light we project because it has an impact on everyone and everything.

This site intends to be the REMINDER to all women, to shine their light.

Praise the Goddess within

Is it adequate to reduce the grattitude you have for being YOU to what the world tells you, about you? Better yet, if you were to not care at all about the world's opinion of you, how would you recognise the goodness in you and help it grow?

Today, we have all the media at our disposal to tell us how we can earn our place for being a female in our society / environments / universally. But are we ever reminded about just having grattitude for being present as a female? Why aren't we cultivating daily practice of acknowledging just exactly how much energy we expend and throw away to each and every situation we are in? Perhaps it is a little hard to even think of a trying time for us here in our own shoes because we ARE very fortunate to have the space in our hearts to call ourselves Goddesses. In other words we are strong! But let us think of the women in less fortunate situations to us, how much do you think their state could be elevated if they too believed in this power within themselves?

See, this super feminine energy made of intuition, sensitivity and compassion (these being only a few elements of the woman's essence) need to be realised by ALL women and not just some. So let us send out vibes of our group's light to guide women in less fortunate circumstances to feel the power we have acknowledged within us, to the one within them as well. They too have the right to know that they can be one with it wherever they are situated in life and feel empowered as we do.

Acknowledge the Yin and praise it.

The Goddess Revolution

The female human is unique to a male and all other things in the universe.

There is a power or energy within a woman, unique to everything else that exists in the universe and we call this power Shakti / Yin / Kundalini / Durga / KALI / GOD and it is time to initiate the revolution of realisation in every female in the world.

Having searched high and low, near and far, in books and websites, self experimentation, continued dissection of all kinds of experiences, it finally dawned on me that I am a woman, there is no changing my way of being. I am a being that is not just human and I am a being that cannot just be categorised as a gender, or a role I play in my family, workplace, college, school, socially, sexually, physically, publicly, privately or personally because that is not something being a female can be reduced to. Besides my ability to procreate with man, this belief within me that I am present in all facets of my life / universe it is proof that without me, these facets of the universe would not be complete. For example my household would not be the same way without my being and feminine energy, my workplace would not be the same without my presence in the environment, my family and friends would not feel complete without the love I give in the relationship they have with me. What I am saying is that besides being all that we are on earth, be it socially, professionally and personally there is an unearthly being that resides in us that enables us to be the link that completes all things in existence.

It is hard to explain in words the energy I am referring to as there have been many names and forms given by those that have experienced it and spoken of it throughout time. But I can describe it via my observation of times when this energy is commonly accessed. The 1 trend I have noticed or probably in all women this very 1 specific moment of vulnerability induces her ability to access this energy coiled within her. Going by my own life experiences it has always been at a time of dire need for my 6th sense. Dire being the word I use to describe the availability of help I needed or lack thereof. And then it's like an energy wave that can only come from within, which all of a sudden consumes you and makes you unstoppable / indestructible / LIGHT / INTELLIGENT / ULTIMATE / DEFINITE / BELIEVABLE/ REAL / SURE / ENLIGHTENED / PERFECT / DIVINELY TIMED / Couldn't be any better than this! = What is that power? Ever wondered where it came from? it was all within! Yes! It was all you and me! And it is time we started to realise the goddess within us every day so we could be of service even more to our life / facets / universe!

Let us become aware, realise that power and light within that exists beyond our earthly being-ness and feel it pulse within your heart everyday. Even if for 2 minutes! Love it. Don't fear it, befriend it. See it, smile and honour it. Share your thoughts about it to your Goddess friends. Help the awareness expand. Slowly and with time and regular realisations and your nurturing practice you will be the Goddess that you have within you.

This is the time to realise the Goddess within and start to be the ultimate being that we truly are. Female energy is the light where the male energy is known to be the darkness. Can you imagine what the world would be like if all its light was shining? Can you imagine the energy field we would be experiencing around us if we were to all awaken and be one with our unique but universal female energy? There would be no imbalance, inequality, insecurity, there would be no war, less poverty, less hatred and more love and unity.... Well, that is a day I hope to live to witness.

This is NOT about superiority over anything else in the universe. This is about revolutionising the FEMALE's role today as a human, owning the female energy, the true self, being the higher self, and believing in what is inside all women; the Goddess energy; harmonises existence.

Love & Goddess Light