08 August 2010

Reflect the NOW

I am happy right now. I am quite clear about what makes me happy, then suddenly I am faced with a woman that still lives in the past, telling me what happiness means to her is what happiness should mean for everyone else. She pays high regard to only those that achieved what she didn't and to her that world is what is the best for me and everyone else that is from my time NOW. Her expectation of happiness for me is what she didn't acquire and what the others in her world of ideals have. In her world of ideals, a woman's defining moment has been known to be the day she walked down the aisle and took the vows of till death do us apart with the man that was to take care of her for her lifetime on earth. Then the most immediate definition of her life after marriage is when she brought new life into the world. She is the vessel of life and her man is the bearer of that seed of life. This woman's world of ideals came with a history of neccessities and conditions on the way of being and as a result there are several tangiable definitions to happiness at the conclusion of all necessities. What happened to those that weren't able to give birth!?

Well I'm not from the same era and my ideal world is the one that I am living in now, not the past. My definition of happiness is the state of my mind and body, my days, hours and minutes. I have several defining moments on any single day. They can vary from just a smile I am able to to put on a worried friend's dial by listening well, doing something I love every day, spending time alone experiencing peace in my heart and mind or the energetic expansion I feel after an exhausting yoga class. Happiness is in every moment and in the things that allow me to feel the life within me.

I feel women play a key role in reflecting an era. Women are good at being an adequate reflection of their era because they are the "DO RIGHT" type of beings, if not try their best to get the furthest to being the perfect reflection of the mould made by (hu)man. This era- can we reflect the power we really have for the things that really matter right NOW? Can we move forward from the past filled with concepts that have less importance in this era like marriage / status / societal criticisms and scrutiny?? We have the privilege of freedom now to move out of our bubble of past impositions.

I want to define myself by shifting the energy of the woman needing to see her true reflection today and to know that I AM her true reflection it would be a shame to let another person from the past / pride/ judgement / geographic distance / prejudice / conditionings / whatever else there is from the past to come in between us.

So the woman living by the ideals of her past sees a reflection of herself in me that she cannot accept, because it means she would need to live by the ideals of NOW / the present day, like I am....  Reflect out the light of NOW because thats the only way we will move forward from what keeps happening, which in most cases are repretitions of the past disallowing our progress right NOW.

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