16 August 2010

The Goddess's Natural Place

Today's woman is strong, sexy, open, calm, directed, strutting, confident, progressive, independent, ambitious, courageous and grounded. These are all attributes that she demonstrates as a version of her level of belief in the power vibing within her. The other day there was a survey done on male vs female bosses and majority of those surveyed voted they liked working for a male boss than a female because women are moodier than men. Another topic lurking the society of late is whether Julia Gillard is a suitable candidate running for PM and the question is raised especially because she is female. One last one that I noticed before exploring this thought was a topic discussed on the radio, paper and online on the chances of a relationship surviving the damages suffered by women once the man cheats on her - women being assumed to be the victim of an affair.

So the trend I noticed in all 3 areas of today's woman's life, be it in the corporate, political or domestic realm seems she is misrepresented. The trend in misrepresentation seemed to lie with today's worldview being the woman is "special" but she doesn't yet deserve the instant position that she already owns.

Why is this the case? I think its because after the industrial age, women have evolved to become more multi-faceted beings than just the homemakers we knew our grandmothers or mothers to be and this is freaking the world out. Even some women that aren't yet aware of their own energy give power to the sector of the world that is freaking out. So there is a big percentage of females that are out and about doing their best to shine their light but due to the lack of ownership and support by a vast majority of females we are losing stead.

From a bigger picture perspective its time to own our power, be okay with being superior (for the love of all things) by acting in line with the divinity / higher self which does not judge the self - Lets cultivate this practice among ourselves so the rest follow and help in any which way to pave our path further right now!

No this does not mean we will be harsh and start making noise. No, it is time to shine out love and beauty that we are made of everywhere we are especially to women that have lost their ability to connect to their goddess and strengthen this movement. We are female - we are the light of the world - we are Goddesses.

The Goddess is strong, sexy, open, calm, directed, strutting, confident, progressive, independent, ambitious, courageous and grounded - lets now be this way everyday and cultivate love for this Goddess to gain her natural place on earth.

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