04 August 2010

The Goddess Revolution

The female human is unique to a male and all other things in the universe.

There is a power or energy within a woman, unique to everything else that exists in the universe and we call this power Shakti / Yin / Kundalini / Durga / KALI / GOD and it is time to initiate the revolution of realisation in every female in the world.

Having searched high and low, near and far, in books and websites, self experimentation, continued dissection of all kinds of experiences, it finally dawned on me that I am a woman, there is no changing my way of being. I am a being that is not just human and I am a being that cannot just be categorised as a gender, or a role I play in my family, workplace, college, school, socially, sexually, physically, publicly, privately or personally because that is not something being a female can be reduced to. Besides my ability to procreate with man, this belief within me that I am present in all facets of my life / universe it is proof that without me, these facets of the universe would not be complete. For example my household would not be the same way without my being and feminine energy, my workplace would not be the same without my presence in the environment, my family and friends would not feel complete without the love I give in the relationship they have with me. What I am saying is that besides being all that we are on earth, be it socially, professionally and personally there is an unearthly being that resides in us that enables us to be the link that completes all things in existence.

It is hard to explain in words the energy I am referring to as there have been many names and forms given by those that have experienced it and spoken of it throughout time. But I can describe it via my observation of times when this energy is commonly accessed. The 1 trend I have noticed or probably in all women this very 1 specific moment of vulnerability induces her ability to access this energy coiled within her. Going by my own life experiences it has always been at a time of dire need for my 6th sense. Dire being the word I use to describe the availability of help I needed or lack thereof. And then it's like an energy wave that can only come from within, which all of a sudden consumes you and makes you unstoppable / indestructible / LIGHT / INTELLIGENT / ULTIMATE / DEFINITE / BELIEVABLE/ REAL / SURE / ENLIGHTENED / PERFECT / DIVINELY TIMED / Couldn't be any better than this! = What is that power? Ever wondered where it came from? it was all within! Yes! It was all you and me! And it is time we started to realise the goddess within us every day so we could be of service even more to our life / facets / universe!

Let us become aware, realise that power and light within that exists beyond our earthly being-ness and feel it pulse within your heart everyday. Even if for 2 minutes! Love it. Don't fear it, befriend it. See it, smile and honour it. Share your thoughts about it to your Goddess friends. Help the awareness expand. Slowly and with time and regular realisations and your nurturing practice you will be the Goddess that you have within you.

This is the time to realise the Goddess within and start to be the ultimate being that we truly are. Female energy is the light where the male energy is known to be the darkness. Can you imagine what the world would be like if all its light was shining? Can you imagine the energy field we would be experiencing around us if we were to all awaken and be one with our unique but universal female energy? There would be no imbalance, inequality, insecurity, there would be no war, less poverty, less hatred and more love and unity.... Well, that is a day I hope to live to witness.

This is NOT about superiority over anything else in the universe. This is about revolutionising the FEMALE's role today as a human, owning the female energy, the true self, being the higher self, and believing in what is inside all women; the Goddess energy; harmonises existence.

Love & Goddess Light

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