04 August 2010

Praise the Goddess within

Is it adequate to reduce the grattitude you have for being YOU to what the world tells you, about you? Better yet, if you were to not care at all about the world's opinion of you, how would you recognise the goodness in you and help it grow?

Today, we have all the media at our disposal to tell us how we can earn our place for being a female in our society / environments / universally. But are we ever reminded about just having grattitude for being present as a female? Why aren't we cultivating daily practice of acknowledging just exactly how much energy we expend and throw away to each and every situation we are in? Perhaps it is a little hard to even think of a trying time for us here in our own shoes because we ARE very fortunate to have the space in our hearts to call ourselves Goddesses. In other words we are strong! But let us think of the women in less fortunate situations to us, how much do you think their state could be elevated if they too believed in this power within themselves?

See, this super feminine energy made of intuition, sensitivity and compassion (these being only a few elements of the woman's essence) need to be realised by ALL women and not just some. So let us send out vibes of our group's light to guide women in less fortunate circumstances to feel the power we have acknowledged within us, to the one within them as well. They too have the right to know that they can be one with it wherever they are situated in life and feel empowered as we do.

Acknowledge the Yin and praise it.

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