17 August 2010

The Goddess's Natural Place II

I am a woman and I know my makeup. I knew my composition from the day I gained consciousness in this world. I am life and I manifest life. However as time passes it seems that my essence is being used only when it is convenient! It appears that somehow my existence is there to always SUPPORT the human way of existence. It seems there are big decisions being made and I am only here reinforcing those decisions, automatically placed in the equation of implementation as a utility rather than what I truly am; a major component of the equation of the decision; what is really going on, everywhere today. This is why there is so much aggression, competition, racing, haste, animosity and lack of regard for what really matters; lack of balance in everything.

We would not know what darkness is without having experienced light. Men would not know manhood without experienced a woman’s touch. New human life could not be conceived without the woman accepting her womanhood. Without compassion there would be no cure for hate. So on and on...

Why is it that I am always placed somewhere in the background? And in most circumstances expected to exceed the expectations, shine, excel, impress, leap over the line to be considered for a stance in the forefront with the rest of the deciders? The forefront exists only because I help it to exist. I am the other half / makeup of the entire population of male and female.

If I were to pull out of the universe altogether perhaps then the world would see how different everything would be. My energy’s make up is compassion, support, apathy, cultivation, nourishment, care, gentleness, intuition, emotion, patience and love of all things. Although this energy is still visible, it is only visible circumstantially. Most of the time my energy is used only as part of the consequence of an act / decision. My energy is being used to heal the wounded, put together the broken, bring back the separated and the energy is sometimes even kept out of the picture so that things would remain irreparable or irreplaceable or destructed.

If my energy was factored into the equation of any decisions made (be it on a local, national or global level) there would be balanced results rather than extremes such as those that need me to only be there as the carer or the net to catch the fallen. I am so drained right now that I don’t have enough energy left to shine as bright as I am capable of.

So now, I want to take matters into my own hands and awaken every woman to take ownership of the female energy within, so we can all rise to be in the forefront, be the other half of the equation and be the co-decision maker / the Yin in the Yang / the Shakti alongside the Shiva of anything that impacts my life today onwards.

The female energy is so powerful that if it were not there the world would be barren’ed of its right to give birth to Love. So it is too important that we acted now, realising the worth of our extremely powerful being and bring consciousness back to the balance lost.

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