03 September 2010

A noun for our Embodiment

God & Goddess are both nouns for the energy force within us. It is a bottomless reserve of powerful energy that we are born with in all of us that we can access anytime we want to. It is our programmed minds that acts as the lock without a key preventing us from accessing our true energy. However all locks can be opened, it just takes the will and hunger for wisdom behind the locked door - the key however is Awareness. Once we are aware, we can find a way in our own way to access what is beneath / within / locked within us: Gods and Goddesses.

This week my awareness has been placed on: My internal strength being represented by the sounds I make externally + Being a graceful receiver; the key to giving in everyday life.  

We all like to spectate, critique, judge and make quick decisions on how we should think, act and be toward everyone and anything happening around us. Have you once thought where those standards, decisions and thoughts come from? Is that what YOU really think? Is that what you really care about to be spending time to critique, judge, observe and make decisions that reflect only your lack of knowledge of something, being afterall just a spectator of whatever is going on?

But wait there is more to this perspective- all that you are seeing as a spectator may not be your story that you are observing but what you are seeing, have you noticed is only what you are interested in? Its like noticing only what appealed to you at that time or entertained you for that moment. Why is it that you are selective of what you are seeing? Why do you personalize it so you can have a say? And if you are saying something - do you get that you are only talking about what is relevant to yourself? Hence what you are a spectator of, critiquing, judging and making hasty decisions on is yourself in the end.

Now tying in with this week's realisations - I think the tone of our voice shows our emotional standpoint toward something/one or even ourselves of how we really do feel about it all inside us. Hearing it with our own ears, observing the comfort or discomforts in what we say and how we say things are always great indications of how we are feeling. So if the reciever is receiving a sentence like "I love you" from us, they would feel the vibe of emotions in those words as well as what the words meant and want to say it back. However it is incredibly important to ensure we stood still and received their words and feelings they gifted to us, just as well as we heard ourselves say it to them.

Currently the attention we pay to a story outside of us to find an answer for ourselves is just adding more layers to the locked door that we need to open to find our gods / goddesses. However now that Goddesses of this group think only of what is within us and not things that we are in judgement of outside ourselves, we will be working our way into turning the key a notch closer to accessing our God/ddess within.

Big Love & Awareness Light to all Goddesses


  1. Hey There
    Interesting blog! Not unlike my own theme...check out www.RighteousYogini.com

  2. Eryn

    Appreciate you sharing your insight. I too am an avid writer, yogi and connecter so its great to meet you here. Look forward to continuing to share.