12 August 2010


There is a mirror everywhere we are and we have many reflections. On a surface level life experiences embed various reflections into our minds while growing older. For example we wake up and see the reflection of our face and body, then we get dressed and our style is a reflection of a social, cultural or commercial group we engage and identify with. The group we associate ourselves with is also a reflection of our situated self. Then we walk out of the house and bump into someone we know – what voice or tone do we put on? What exactly do we speak about? What part of our personality do we reflect back to that person? Are we selective about our conversation or behaviours? We do the same when we get to work or any other place – reflecting to the other person what we perceive they want us to be or say.

So all these personal reflections that work for us automatically (on auto-play) get us by everyday - do we ever question ourselves – why do my perceptions change from person to person, place to place and situation to situation? If I were to be in a room with 2 different people who would I be, if I were talking to both of them? Now I know most of us aren’t so majorly deca-polar (my new word) in nature, however what I’m trying to say is that we spend most of our lives on auto-play pleasing others for just one thing and that is some version of Love in return. We love pleasing other people however in doing so our whole identity can become a big programmed directory of "please others" files and even when we do something for ourselves to please ourselves we end up doing something aligned to what the others would approve of.

This programme of identities and emotions is called the Ego – it attaches itself to all our experiences. Remember, experiences are all external to ourselves. Then those experiences start to produce emotions inside of us, making it an internal matter. Eg: As soon as we buy something nice to wear – what do we think of when we wear it out? Most of us naturally start comparing outfits with another’s and so on because our "please others" ego probably influenced our choice of dress to start with, so we had to make sure that others liked our outfits too. But what I'm saying is had we chosen something we ourselves were truly happy with then we wouldn’t really care what another person was wearing or said about our outfit and just feel great about ourselves for doing something to please ourselves. In summary any act driven by Ego is like blowing into the balloon of our ego which grows bigger and bigger until one day if we allow it - it bursts to reveal itself as a meltdown / pain / heartache.

If I am making sense still, reflections are everywhere. The person in front of you is reflecting back to you exactly what you are projecting to them about yourself. So for example if I am smiling at you, you would smile back exactly the same way with the same vibe and all. You are more than welcome to try this on your own. Moving on, given that everything outside of us is a reflection of ourselves and is therefore an accurate indication of how we are going internally, this HOWEVER does not mean that we are to imitate others to return their reflection of them. The point is to be REAL, be one with our own chi / energy that is always honest, strong of our own truth, speaks to us only with love and glow and is always compassionate enough to enable us to see OURSELVES in that person or the reflection in front of us.

If we believe ourselves we believe in others. If we love ourselves we love others. If we are able to see the reflection of love and light in ourselves we will see it being reflected to us in everything that we consciously see.

As a woman I know that most of us are reflecting what we "think" we should be reflecting instead of just reflecting what we truly "FEEL" within ourselves. The goddess is found within not out.

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