02 December 2010

Thread to Strength in Softness

Adding another thread to the Strength within Softness piece-
If we take an ice cube for example - it is solid, cold, its hard, has shape and form and it is measurable. What happens when we drop it from a height or hit it with something stronger? It shatters and breaks into many pieces that may never come back to the same shape of the cube that made it seem so strong, shapely and measurable, i.e. Itself.

So where is the strength in an ice cube? What is it's making that makes it substantial for being what it is? It's water. Water is liquid, it is soft, has no shape or form besides its chemical properties which makes it visible, it can be measured too however it never can be as accurate as the cube it becomes when 'frozen' or when dropped from a height it lands wherever it needs to, still maintaining it's shape, even if scattered and never losing it's essential being.

The thread here to Softness being Strength is - we often mistake what has form, is measurable, looks strong, substantial to be the stronger reason to have faith in it. However, if we were to examine the essence of everything's being, it is evident that it is all the formless or fluid properties that we get formations from and that the strength really lies in the formless and not the temporaries or extinguishables made from it - like the ice cube.

Its time to have faith in the formless; Be the water and flow into wherever the current takes us with ease and pleasure having the understanding of our own essence, which is - everything that has form or a name is perishable / temporary and it is secondary to the formless.

Like they say - Ride the change, don't let it ride you. :-)

Love & Light

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