02 December 2010

Just who is a God/dess?

Every single living thing! Any thing that pretty much has a vibration of existence on planet earth is a god/dess. Thus simple existence poses it is / he or she is a God/dess. But the question specifically posed to Humans - We are all God/desses! My piece "A noun for our embodiment" ( http://thenewagegoddess.blogspot.com/2010/09/noun-or-our-embodiment.html ) is based on when I established that God / Goddess is just a stakeholder name for the energy field we project into our realities with a focus on how we can access the bottomless pool of our highest energy that impact the world / universe we live in.
Moving forward, the purpose of asking this question on Who is a god/dess is really to bring focus to accountability and responsibility of being aligned to the god/dess within. Its really about how we can get past being who we are as physical identities on the surface level of what we call life and act with the powerforce we have within; that is the God/dess.

It is understandable that there are some identities that (we adopt) and spend a lifetime fulfilling it's purpose / the responsibilities that are somehow prescribed systematically through time like being a parent or someone's brother / sister, but there is still another role we must play and that is to be our authentic self for the simple reason of our existence and the potential of the impact our authentic vibration has in the universal space we all share.

The commonality we all have beyond all our stories is that we are all the same thing that is a God/dess within. We are all living for love and we all want our universe to thrive on only love. There is awakening and there is also the dormant, we need both for the flow to continue but it is why we have the sun and the moon as time keepers to help manage our projections of our energies. When one side of the planet sleeps the other is awake and beating the pulse of love, sending it out to those that will awaken when the day arrived for them. What I am trying to say is that there is sense in becoming aware and taking accountability in keeping our side of the world (wherever we live) clean and filled with love with our authentic energy. Always be aligned to our higher self so the equilibrium of LOVE stays invicible. In other words, the alliance of our Yin and Yang continues to create the frequency of balance and harmony.

There is value in being authentic on a personal level, as we all have the hunger for freedom from the thoughts, feelings, situations, our unconscious self creates like the ones we see on the news about wars, famines, animal /human trafficking, financial burdens, diplomatic wars, communism etc.. you get the idea. There are imbalances in a whole heap of places and it is due to us (on an individual and collective level) being UNaligned to our God/desses. We are too attached to our identities forgetting the real purpose of existence, which is to be authentically human that needs to be of service to the rest of it's kind and not just for what personal identity it has chosen / has been given on the surface level of life. The value in being personally responsible is to be free of the identities history imposes on man and woman, projecting more light to the darkness alongside those that are on this mission already of awakening the world of humans (not just Oprah or Angelina Jolie :-) but ordinary free thinkers and travellers like Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Dalai Lama, Keisha etc).

Fullfill your gender's roles but also remember your other purpose - that is to feel full as a human. It cannot happen without you, because if you are not full neither is anything or anyone around you. Disattach from the layers life experience create, be free and light to embrace the present moment, bring out your torch light from within and light up the road for everyone else to see it.

Accountability is imminent in whatever we do - we can choose to be just an identity or the identity of why there are identities having the control to chose who we want to be rather than who we need to be ; that is the high energy force that we all are as God/dess.

Love & Light
Male-Female Polarities of the Human Body

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