02 December 2010

Rest, Be & Shift

The purpose of a shift is realising the space we consciously create for ourselves. Shifts occur when we become aware of something and when we have a direct realisation of what has been happening has now manifested a growth in us that is making space for something new to take birth from what has been happening.

We are convinced of shifts being often a visible, action influenced, a result of movement, force, push and pull but a real shift can only be realised by letting all the push and pull, movement REST and Be in a space to feel and observe the growth that took place.

What I am saying is that a shift is not what takes place but what can only take place once we have had the realisation of what has taken place.

Stillness; It takes courage to break a pattern, taking the route known to learning something that may not be so familiar, stay silent and listen, stand in one place and do nothing, walk slower, breath consciously and realise that we may not be breathing fully, look in the mirror and really look inside our own eyes, touching consciously to feel our own sensations, finding things in the world that stand still. Not what is moving in the moving physical world where we constantly move with it to find the same things but never really fully experience or realise due to the speed and momentum.

What comes with experience? A touch, a sound, a smell, a taste etc they all register if we allow ourselves to realise how they make us feel. With this realisation we have a ripple effect within us where a realisation creates a new experience, which gives us new sensory information, which then creates the shift.

We are always complaining or at least thinking of why we are finding it hard to feel higher or feel happier or feel greater – but it’s not that we are not seeing, feeling, touching, hearing or tasting new things or travelling new roads to heighten our experiences, it’s of no good if we don’t realise or have a conscious realisation of what it is we have experienced to create the shift, space for our higher feelings, feeling of gratitude, feel and know perhaps the purpose of whatever we do are in fact all about realisations.

Days pass and nights fall, but it is possible to experience a shift each time we realise our experiences consciously, with stillness.

Love & Light

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