02 December 2010

The strength in softness

The strength of softness is stronger than strength itself because when something is soft it is liquid, fluid, flexible and it is boundless. There is never any concerns for walls, breaks or obstructions in our way because we are fluid from within and we can just glide through the blockages. Just the simplest way to feel the softness is a smile, when we smile the world naturally smiles back and with that starts softening.

There is strength in smiling on a tough day - so there is strength in softness. We fear softness as if to be soft we are weak but when we are soft, the strength of being fearless, openness is displayed through our ability to adapt and acceptance of whatever the situation is. There is strength is being soft.

If you listen to this track, there is a coarseness in the tabla and there is a softness in the sound of the flute and even though the sounds of these two instruments are defined as one being stronger than the other, the strength in the sweetness of the sound of the flute shows its strength.

There is strength in the sound, look, feel and being soft. Regaining softness from what makes anything a coarse is Strength.

<3 & Light
Hope you enjoyed the track as well.

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