29 November 2010

Acceptance & Being

Our purpose is to serve, with that in mind we must always work toward
being complete and ready within ourselves to be able to serve when the
opportunity arrives and that is the reward to have been in a position to
serve, give and receive in the currency of the love we would feel for
our ownself to have been full and ready to serve.

A vibration of acceptance of happiness that took over me, from being in a position to offer and receive and to realise how important it is to shed light on the purpose of our being in any moment in life. There is magic in just being prepared, ready and aligned to the light within to experience the light in the surroundings that speak to us but often we are not connected enough to receive those messages. It is a joyous place to be able to be of service / have the ability to give, as it means we are receiving what we have within us- the gratitude and love for being who we are. Then we vibe this and our surroundings become the same. Be ready to serve and receive the rewards that enrich the experience of being a human (Love) Being - Mantra. 

What is it to be able to accept everything and anything? It is about being prepared. If it is all about non-judgement also, it comes down to being prepared and ready and full to be one with any experience.

What is being prepared and being ready within? It is to be one with the LIGHT, the LOVE, the Gratitude for the life force within, being one with the white, clean, present, sacred self, which does not allow us to fall in the past patterns, future plannings, just being one with what has been presented by our own reflections and how we are able to love and enrich the experience to draw more nectar out of what we already know has been the known but to also have the freedom to tap into the unknown. It’s the thread of quality we can’t experience if we are not aligned to our best quality residing within us. 

We hear it so many times that we only see around us what we see within ourselves and that we must receive with grace as we give with grace. However in order to be able to manifest such a way of being we must acknowledge, accept and bathe in the happiness / light / glow within to see that it is always being offered to us, just waiting for us to be ready to see, receive and be in a position to give it a reaction. That itself is giving; REACTION ; the force in our action that allows for the birth of new events, opportunities and experiences. Allowing the flower to blossom – with the flower being ourselves and what we react to. So, the mantra this season is being level headed and aligned with the light within, to be prepared and serve as that itself is reward to ourselves and the world encouraging selfless-ness and the abilities of our fellow Love (human) beings to be brighter and more connected to what is true to being a human on planet earth – to be of great service and be self rewarding, never waiting for validation, confident in our own energy that is our birth right, freedom of being complete with wherever, however and whoever we are. It is Magical and that is what life or the world we experience should be – Magic and Acceptance of the magic within us and Being one with it.

♥ & Alignment power with your Light

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