07 October 2010

Remove the Layers

Not too long ago, I learned that there are mirrors everywhere and that the reflections are the mirror images of what is only within me. My inner voice, views, images, forms and collection of memories and aspirations are what is reflected to me when I look into my mirrors.

There are times we only see a miniscule portion of what really glows within us; the glow of intelligence, light of healing powers, the abundant self. What is it that really that prevents us from projecting what really glows within us? I realised today, that there are layers of experiences or emotions or pre-recorded discourse that we create layers upon us; our heart where our true boundless self resides. We collect these layers over time, with even careful selective experiences and knowledge or wisdom we sometimes fail to shed the tension that these layers create. Sometimes even breath, water and sun light does not help to go deeper than the top most level of our being-ness in which we can sometimes feel we are being present however not realising how far outward we really are. In other words, sometimes we really feel we are living with the glow of everything we know and we are aware of what is going on whilst travelling a path that is secure and filled with all the answers we already know of. And the course that reminds us of being an infinite player are those few new experiences we allow ourselves to have provided they are still safe or safer than another we have already had.

How do we know we have layers that is covering the intelligence we hold within that does not need assurance or reassurance to allow new life in everyday or with each endeavour? I felt this week, that it is in those repetitive voices that we keep as reminders within us, that are reflected in our mirrors of the world / environment we dwell, travel or pass through. There are messages we project for ourselves anywhere we are, it is in knowing well to be present enough to the number of layers that we need to peel away in order to receive new messages that shine the light into new and amazing pathways, regenerating the pool of super intelligence we have within us.

So layers may be habitual actions, emotions, creating a pattern with which we operate with. For example, even though we may have given ourselves the break of our lives (the dream holiday) how quickly do some people's zen get stolen if there was even a little a thing as their coffee being bad one morning.. Or like I have developed a habit of ordering cafe au lait every morning before I start my day, realising today that I will feel a pinch if I didn't have one tomorrow morning. Its just that layer I've created for myself that does not allow me to live from the light within, but from the outer layer supported by an external substance / stimuli.

The mantra for this month is- Remove all layers to live from the bright super intelligent light residing within. There will be more light shone back just in shining bright, the (hu) Man in the mirror.

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