19 August 2011

Remember - You are a God/dess living and supporting a Human life

So its been several months since writing the last piece on Who is a God/dess - realising the responsibility I had beyond those of a human being. Moving from an activated space as that, I noticed my experiences had evolved into something that I had to be even wiser about. Wisdom that I now had from the realisation of how a God/dess is accountable and what my responsibilities were toward my human-being-ness. The level of absorption this time was much deeper, analysis just as deep and actions were just as hard to take in order to get the results I wanted to keep aligned and growing from thereon.

The experiences and tests I speak of are nothing out of the ordinary. No I am not referring to the metaphysical. These experiences and tests actually all appeared to be either a repetition or a development of a prelude that I had already experienced. I am talking of dealings with family, work, money, love life, health, yoga, study, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, men, women, people, relationships, animals, environment, diet, lifestyle choice etc, etc. The “NORMs” and the “Knowns”.  

So when I speak of experiences I am referring to my level of absorption of a scenario in my Norms and Knowns and when I speak of a test, it is when I found myself needing to act from a place of the wisdom I had gained from realising my God/dess state- giving each situation its merit for having re/appeared, giving me the opportunity to respond from that space I had been cultivating within. I had to. The light was too bright to turn down. The awareness heightened. It was also a matter of integrity. It still is and I realised it will always be, on this journey. The truth is greater than any other existence and once we have realised it, there is no turning back or turning a blind eye to. We are God/desses living as humans. And once realised, there is no reversing from this state from which we always feel and operate. If we don’t the results I observed manifested a tired, depleted, fearful, back-stepping, shy, insecure, irrational, selfish, ego-driven me. Yes I beat myself up for feeling fearful, tired, depleted, insecure, irrational, selfish and ego-driven. I suddenly commenced spending long deciphering these negative states (despite them making up a part of probably 20% of my Norms and Knowns) and ended up cultivating space for that state. And as we know a thought is the sole seed from which our actions develop and manifest through us into our universe. So did mine- into actions I took, that only presented themselves in the form of harder tests for me to take.

Tests are situations that represent the result of our deliberate actions. Our deliberate actions are influenced by our projections. Our projections are our thoughts. Our thoughts are created from our perspective. Our perspective is a reflection of our impression and conditioning. And our impression and conditioning are made of our experience of a situation.

And everything being connected to EVERYTHING – these situations (although only being 20% of my Norms and Knowns) started to have a ripple effect on the other 80% of my Norms and Knowns.Yes! I let it become significant. I realised in the end that is exactly what I needed to do though. Or perhaps it was my inner light that assisted and allowed me to do it - get closer to my truth. I essentially trusted in taking a step, even if an unwise one. I needed to do exactly what I needed not to do in order to identify my power. Then came the realisation that while I allowed this ego / state  to take full form, I was able to let it get close. I also experienced the light surge in, in the form of my ability to identify the ego of this dark space and its power. So the test now was much in fact simpler and not as hard as I had projected it to be. In having the ability to then go back to the actual situation / the test and seeing that it was actually an undeveloped yet an already known one that I had put myself to the test for. And instead of going at it full force I needed to approach it from a place of softness, compassion, fearlessness, lightness, security and all honesty, but also truth. This meant I had to first acknowledge - I actually had no life-wisdom / or tact for its type. I had to face my human EGO that projected this situation.

More significant was the next step – While I felt a smile appear on these realisations it came to me that the reason behind the prolonged dwelling in the mere 20% of my situation was that I had forgotten that I was a God/dess that was living a human life. That by having had a realisation of my higher being-ness I did not have a magic key to all doors to all the levels of consciousness my universe is capable of giving me. It is only by realising my state in each situation of being a God/dess, which is by being aligned to my truth, and taking steps from that space is what will be my key to the next level of experience for each test. 

So it is from that understanding, that space, that place of empowerment I am speaking today that helps me remind all of you, that while we are a God/dess, we live a human life. We must practice being compassionate, fearless, soft, vulnerable, patient, wise, careful and sensitive, in all circumstances. We must cultivate a space for our human nature to unravel and evolve. With trust in our light we can look into the eye of the darkness within. That this is also our responsibility toward ourselves. To learn OF the truth. 

This is all because we have a greater impact than what we will ever manage to see with our own eyes. But we must always remember that it is not beyond us to cultivate the ability to grow from our vulnerabilities, failures or blocks. Because we are humans. It too has a dimension of light and shade. And it needs support from the God/dess in each of us in order to evolve.

And this is how the God/desses evolves to their being-ness as humans.

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