24 August 2011

Another gaze at Bliss

This week I have realised that happiness is a state and true happiness can only qualify as true when we are in a state of happiness and can turn our gaze back to moments or experiences that shaped this moment's happiness. The bliss.

Oh yes! I am referring to all kinds of experiences! Including the ones that broke us down, displaced us and took us back to square one. The experiences that remoulded our perspective on a certain or any area of life. Some of those moments could have even looked like a foggy forest, that we somehow made our way out of and at the first sight of a clearing, we took our first new breath of relief. A breath of happiness. Saw the sunshine. Took ourselves back to being whole again.

So that period when we kept walking, we rebuilt our beliefs, stuck on the road to recovery and wholeness- we changed partially or maybe not. But surely felt some level of impact on our complete state here and now. We learned again to surrender and committed again to our new state of happiness. And gathered more strength for feeling high.

Today, while I am happy I am starting to practice the following:
Bringing awareness to what defined my happiness in some or key areas of life.
Asking whether it was my ability to find the way here? Yes of course the journey has shaped it.
But I am also asking have I looked at the road in its entirety? Negative.
So then I took my gaze to the road to this new state of happiness- to the actual experience/s and the actual story that was the actual seed cause of this new state I am in.
I felt it was too necessary to ask myself if I had looked and actually accepted the entire story. And if I did, what state was I in then?

I just want to raise awareness with everyone about gazing back to the STORY / STORIES that lead you here to the state of happiness/ consciousness and/or bliss. This is because you now can. You are now happy and have developed sufficient inner strength to be able to really acknowledge the TRUTH of your Happiness today. You need to give love to the whole thing, the entire experience of how you made it to the state of happiness at all times.

Reach into the abundant pool of Light and Love within you and pour it over every single part of your history of happiness today- because you deserve to be happy for it ALL. And feel the state of BLISS.

The state of true happiness / Bliss is to have embraced the sorrow alongside the joy together.

Power to you
Love & Goddess Light

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