26 August 2011

Awareness of 80% : 20%

I think a short needed to be shared of what I am figuring out about our nature as humans. I believe we are all good people, well meaning humans, have very good intentions, are honest, are considerate and giving. I also believe that we are all god/desses in essence; 100% pure energy that does not know labels, names or forms - its the pulsation of sureness and the consciousness among all living things. 

Here though I am delving into the human side of us - the psyche that is the firewall between our human and spiritual self. The self that is made of impressions. Also known as Ego / our personality / traits / habits / all things based on our perspectives or impressions, condensed to be our psyche or Ego that we use to communicate with other Egos/ personalities / characters in the field of life. 

I am giving our psyche an 80% good : 20% poor ratio for this is my take on why we humans are in a constant battle in making simple decisions like uniting as one and just being a Love-being or a God/dess every day of our lives. Why there is a constant question attached like - Why not me first? Or Why not when the I is ready? Or have a self administered compensation scheme in place to all that is unjust as if to say that, that is enough responsibility we should be taking as individuals. Just compensate in some way or another for our 20%'s and we'll be right and have been seen as being responsible. 

But I am dissecting that 20% of our nature in all of us that keeps us from being from our essential-matter self. The conscious beings. The 20% that makes us hesitate and the 20% that always sticks to us like chewing gum. The 20% that goes unidentified and shows up as our biggest crutch in making the 80% "goods" sometimes invalid. The 20% that keeps showing up religiously in some way or another. The 20% that could really free us, if examined and treated to lessen the burden on others to carry the weight of our Karma, to increase the love vibration in the world, to lessen mediocrity, to start treating global cancers like supression of thoughts, ideas and feelings.

The 20% of bads can be broken down to things like - white lies, putting the blanket over root of our negativity, forced action, inaction, turning a blind eye, compromising with what is not true for us etc. On an individual level I believe it can also be seen as pleasing the crowd / false laughs / lying / not sharing / living with identities. On a social level - the individuals do the same. On an environmental level or a global scale - these little actions or inactions rooting from the ego's mediocrity result in a wave of reactions and negativity in some form or another.

I believe the cure is - Identify what falls inside the 20% pool of the Ego. Then just consciously tell yourself you will stop and see what happens when you don't practice from this place of system. Thats all. Just stop. You may hurt at first, but just know that this is not YOU, it is the I self - the Ego hurting. Then from there, make it a point to stop making decisions from an intention residing in that 20% pool. Then one day you will see - that your actions that were a result of something that was a part of your 20% has evolved and that it does not form a basis for any other followed action of something that is not considered a truth in your life. The truth then will become from your world being a result of something you may have been doing from a forced / untrue place in the mind but now you have a clear conscience and a clean practice of what you were always capable of doing. You would then be acting from a selfless place - From a place of no agendas / hiding a truth / deception of any kind. You are also now a responsible being that does not rely on a reaction or approval to be doing the right thing for you.

I think whoever of us are reading this, know what I am talking about. I am not saying to become a puritan. And I personally don't think it is not about aiming for 100% because only in a world that had no adversities or the capitalistic world's challenges can we then live as if there were no other ego's to face. But we all have our egoic demons and as previously discussed our actions have impacts. Some we will have a direct experience of and some we will never see. But I feel we all have the power to take accountability for majority of this 20% pool of our own ego's. I believe it will actually help heal the field of life that ALL other Ego's play in.

The idea is to help heal the world by being / acting from a place where the God/dess energy resides. The God/dess energy that is the light and wants to remove further pain and suffering that already exists in our world. And this practice must start with me and you by being aware, accepting responsibility and then acting from there. 

Love and Goddess light

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