26 September 2011

Compassion Leakage

I've been feeling it, seeing it in me, hearing it around me and reading it out there and finally dreamt about it all. Its in my subconscious obviously. I don't think I understood it quite the way I explained it to a lady in my dream on how I feel there needs to be more absorption, awareness and exercising of the magic called compassion.

In my dream I saw the globe tilted and it's waterbody the compassion falling out into the galaxy outside of our planet because the earth / soil / the parts needing water / compassion was not absorbing, or having awareness of this magical substance and failing to grow evermore green, fruitful or happy. I saw how there was a rejection.

From the dream I understood it deeper. You see if we see planet earth's basic 2 parts - 1 water and the other land, I see the water being compassion and the land being what is in need of it to grow and feel nurtured. Just like this I see our energies - The female / Yin / Shakti / Moon being the water which the male / Yang / Shiva / Sun needs for earth's land and waterbodies to survive. Then when we look at it on the deepest energetic level, meaning inside each male and female- there is the same planet earth existing which is made of water and land, or better put Shiva, Shakti / Yin, Yang / Creator energy / The frequency of balance = God/dess.

So in my dream I was explaining it to this friend that today we are in need to absorb compassion by all of us. There is a leakage of it because we are not absorbing or retaining it. It starts on a personal and human level  where we are in constant conflict on being fluid, flow-full, in sync, balanced with our thoughts and being-ness. So it ends up manifesting through to our surroundings, then to the environment and soon enough becomes the earth's lack of consumption of it's own fluid, fluidity, nurturing aspects and so being off balance it tilts and the life-force / water / liquid / fluid component (compassion / Love) just gets lost by dropping off  into the galaxy / no man's world - from where we cannot get it back.

I hope I made sense.

It is imminent we acknowledge the softness in our liquid, flowing, maleable, softer forms of energy, absorb it, embody its power and act from there... help sustain our world, starting from the world within.

Love & Goddess Light - always.


  1. Hi Supriya,

    I hope Paris is giving you what you need.

    "Some people think that they cannot grasp a ray of sunshine, not realising the sunshine comes from within."

    Bisous and hugs
    Andrew K.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Gee! What timing! I hope you're well. I'm happy to report that I got the best weather back in Paris. I'm currently in Sydney for a couple of months.

    Grosse Hug!