05 July 2013

Love Samadhi Enlightenment Awareness

Writing about Love is never easy – it just is. Love is the word that we describe in so many experiences. But when love brings it together, the me and what is there, is also Love. Love is omnipresent. The Love I speak of now is the ever present courageous flow that takes me from moment to moment showing its colours through strips and layers of emotions.. stripping off the layers of stories and then peeling itself off showing its real self that is one with me in that space of wholeness. The space within me that is below my layers and connects direct and dissolves with Love’s glow.
Wow! When I let go – and that is come together on whatever is going on, is exactly when Love peels off the layers and shares its essence with me. Like a flower blooming and inviting me to smell its fragrance. The niceness and effervescence it shares is Samadhi for me.
Samadhi – my teacher said is like watching the sunrise or sunset and the moment that just went by watching in connection with its movement is Samadhi. I feel it now. And enlightenment is in the knowing of this observing me (my Self) that is awareness its pure state one with the experience – the love glow – the effervescence of the flower’s fragrance..

Love Samadhi Enlightenment Awareness to all god/desses.


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